Tuesday, March 8, 2016

2016 Project Preview for Women of Vision

 Spring is just around the corner at Carson-Newman University. Just as flowers and trees will be budding out in the next few weeks, Women of Vision has been busy planting seeds of new projects all over campus. 

Did you know that Women of Vision received more than twenty project proposals for 2016? To fund all these projects, we would need more than $760,000.00!!!  The word is out: Women of Vision get things done! We've prayed, researched, and discussed all these projects. Here are the top priority projects for 2016.  There are many ways you can help make these projects a reality at Carson-Newman. Perhaps you'll see one that touches your heart.

1. Restrooms in Stokely Cafeteria:

Do you remember those bathrooms in the cafeteria foyer where you probably checked your hair and makeup before lining up for meals in the cafeteria? Yep, they're still the same! And while "retro" may be cool in some instances, it doesn't apply to these restrooms! Just think about it: EVERYONE who comes on campus probably uses these restrooms. They desperately need a total redo, and for anyone who has done bathroom renovation in their homes, you know this is pricey! Our estimate on this project is $20-30,000!

Restroom Stalls Need to be Reconfigured

 Retro Sinks Will be Replaced with Vanity Counter and Sinks

2. Education Department Classroom (Stokely Basement)

Did you know that the Education Department graduates more students than any other department at Carson-Newman?  With new Masters, Education Specialist, and Doctoral students added to the mix, the Education Department in the basement of Stokely is bursting at the seams. At least one of the classrooms is in desperate need of new carpet and magnetic white boards. Check out these pictures. I think you'll agree our future teachers need a better space in which to learn. Current estimate for this project is $7,000. If asbestos removal is necessary, the cost will be even higher.
Magnetic Whiteboards Need to be Installed in this Space

It's Definitely Time for New Carpet!

3.  Psychology Department Classroom in Chambliss

You may remember Chambliss as the old music building, but when the new Music Building was constructed, the Psychology Department inherited the Chambliss Building. This proposal asks for new furniture (tables and chairs) for this classroom. Since every student at CNU takes at least one psychology course, we think this is a much needed improvement. From the looks of these pictures, they might also benefit from a new whiteboard! Estimate for this project is $7,000.
Psychology Department Classroom

4. Warren Art Department Entrance and Foyer

Years ago, the Art Department took over the old Science Building. Although beautiful art is created inside that building, the outside entrance and foyer definitely need a makeover.  A donation has already started the process for some new landscaping, but I think you'll agree that a new entrance and updated foyer would be a much needed improvement. Estimate for this project is $10,000+.
Outside Entrance of Art Building

Exterior and Foyer of Art Building

Other 2016 Projects "In the Works"

  • Completion of Fite Administration Building faculty and staff break room and outdoor eating area
  • Bonner Center - assistance with purchase of updated IT: software, tablets, laptops and desktops
  • Flooring for Student Affairs wing of MSAC
  • Flooring for Recreational Services/Student Activities area
  • Refurbish Campus Ministries house
  • Renovate office space and bathroom in Safety and Security Building
  • Donations to: Operation Inasmuch and Campus Ministries S.P.O.T.S. mission trips
  • Assist with funding for Swann Balcony Porch renovation
  • Assist with funding for complete renovation of Gentry Auditorium

These are just a preview of the many project proposals that Women of Vision has taken on for 2016. All are worthwhile, and all need donations to fund the work. Please consider a donation to Women of Vision for a specific project, or to be used wherever it is most needed.  To give online, please go to this link:

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