Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Carson-Newman looks especially beautiful with a covering of snow!

Winter at Carson-Newman
Many of you will remember this year and the "Blizzard of 2016."  While your local area may or may not have been affected by the January snowfall, Carson-Newman was closed for several days because of slick roads and lots of snow. The Eagle Alumni Facebook page asked for alumni memories of snow during their college days and received over 40 comments recalling the fun on campus during winter snows. Of course, those of you who are graduates from many years ago, made it very clear that you NEVER got out of class "back in the day" for snow. 

This picture from the 1971 CN Yearbook highlights the dubious campus organization know as the Bluebirds. Check out the short skirts in the snow. It was all about fashion back in the day! The yearbook lists the purpose of the Bluebirds as "absolutely nothing."

Young Women of Promise Mentors Needed

Want a special relationship with a precious young lady?

Have you ever thought about having a more personal relationship with one of  Carson-Newman's Young Women of Promise? If so, WOV may have an opportunity for you!
Several of the YWOPs have expressed an interest in having a "mentor"--someone to lend a listening ear and perhaps provide some guidance from time to time.   

What would a mentor do?

Basically, you would be establishing a relationship with a student.  By sharing your life and career experiences, you may be able to provide guidance or answer burning questions in a student's life!  You might begin with a casual lunch or telephone call to get to know the student.  After that, your mentoring support could include such things as listening to concerns or providing encouragement or advice from "someone who's been there."  You might even provide advice as the student begins searching for a job in her senior year, and your friendship could possibly continue after the student graduates. It's really up to you and the student to decide what kind of relationship would be most beneficial to the student!  Mentoring would not involve giving money directly to the student, although you might choose to support a special cause that the student is involved with, such as a mission trip, etc. This kind of support would be entirely optional and never solicited, only a result of your interest in knowing about your student's activities.

This semester, Young Women of Promise with the following career goals have expressed an interest in having a mentor:

  *   Christian Counselor
  *   Graphic Designer
  *   Media Psychologist or Social Psychologist
  *   PK-3 Teacher
  *   Working with Animals (Biology/Environmental Studies Major)
  *   Attorney (Political Science Major
  *   Pediatrician (Biology/Pre-Med Major)

If you are thinking "What do I have to offer?" - the answer is plenty!  The girls are eager to connect with someone who has "been there" or who simply cares about investing in their college experience. It is not necessary to have experience in the career fields listed above-- all you need is a willingness to participate in the life of a student. If you would like to volunteer for one of these positions, or would like to learn more about the opportunity, please contact Kathy May, WOV Liaison to Young Women of Promise, at kathykmay@comcast.net

Women of Vision Gathering ~  Saturday, April 9         Featuring Rachel Lovingood 

Our 2016 Gathering of Friends promises to be a fun and inspiring event! This year’s annual event will feature Rachel Lovingood as our keynote speaker.  

An author and compelling speaker, Rachel Lovingood feels that God has blessed her beyond measure through her family and friends. She and her husband Jeff (a C-N grad and current Trustee) have been involved in student ministry for the past 27 years, presently serving First Baptist Church in Cleveland, TN.  . 

Rachel enjoys every opportunity to share with women across the country how the Word of God applies to their everyday lives. She uses her sense of humor and practical wisdom to connect daily situations with truths from Scripture. Rachel’s relevant teaching and real faith as well as her fun personality make her a favorite for woman of all ages and stages. 

Be sure to mark your calendars for April 9.  Rachel is challenging and great fun ~ you must not miss this special time to celebrate Women of Vision @ Carson-Newman! 

Don't miss this year's Gathering on Saturday, April 9. More information coming soon to you!

 Read more about Rachel at: