Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Homecoming 2015 ~ It's a Wrap!

Saturday, October 18, was a crisp and sunny fall day--a perfect day for Homecoming! The campus has never looked better. The day started with the traditional pancake breakfast, followed by open houses and reunion meetings, and culminating with an exciting football game, where the Eagles prevailed over Newberry College with a score of 27-20.

Welcome home!

The newly carved Eagle in front of the Chitwood Alumni House welcomed everyone back to campus.

Carved eagle at Chitwood Alumni House

Women of Vision's work was evidenced all over campus with several projects showcased. Here's a peep into the finished projects:

Manley Wellness Center
For those of you who remember the old college infirmary, where many of you spent time during your college years when you were sick, you wouldn't recognize the place now! Women of Vision funding paid for new carpet and paint throughout, and reupholstered furniture. Other funding even created a "Relaxation Room" with massage chairs, stress balls, and soothing music. Kathleen Manley wouldn't believe it, and the infirmary is a new place of wellness for students. Pictured are campus nurse and counselors who are available to students.
Pictured: Kim Sexton, Jennifer Catlett, Shannon Tuell

Baker Building
The Baker Building is used by the ROTC downstairs, and the History and Political Science Department upstairs. The History Department space was in need of some major TLC.  Women of Vision took on this project and created a comfortable faculty lounge (called the Map Room because of the beautiful vintage maps in the room), and a new student lounge. Just look at the difference! Other projects completed in this building are detailed in the list below.

Baker Building (Before)

Baker Building Student Lounge
Map Room (Faculty Lounge)

Other spaces that received  updates were student lounges in both the Pederson Nursing Building and the Dougherty Science Building, and updated spaces in the Tarr Music Building.  Now nursing, science and music students and faculty have wonderful new places to study and relax. And check out other "before" pics of these spaces in the July blog post. The results are absolutely amazing!

Pederson Nursing Building
Pederson Nursing Building Student Lounge (Before)

Pederson Nursing Building Student Lounge (After)
The Pederson Nursing Building also received a renovated classroom through the efforts of Women of Vision. Because the nursing program has grown at such a fast rate, a larger classroom was needed for nursing classes.
Pederson Nursing Building Classroom

Dougherty Science Building
Science Building Lounge (Before)

Science Building Student Lounge (After)

Tarr Music Building
Both the Green Room, used by students prior to performances and recitals,  and the Seminar Room, a faculty lounge in the music building received needed updates. 

Green Room

Seminar Room

Seminar Room

Updated Restroom in Music Building

Other Women of Vision projects completed during the past year include:
  • Bonner Center Service Learning Seminar
  • Funding for S.P.O.T.S mission trips
  • Funding for 10th anniversary Operation Inasmuch
  • Assistance with window coverings for Chitwood Alumni Center
  • Butler Courtyard Garden
  • Completion of outside sculpture for Dougherty Science Building
  • Alumni Hall - three student lounges
  • Heritage Hall - student lounge
  • Swann Hall - stained glass sidelights on front entrance
  • Baker Building - (in addition to spaces featured above) three large classroom renovations, Baumgardner Hallway, Graduate Studies in Counseling Reception Room, updated Graduate Counseling Studies offices
None of these projects could have been accomplished without YOUR support. Thank you to all who donated to make one or more of these projects a reality!

To see more homecoming pics:    https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153690020459467.1073741859.65629604466&type=3

Wanted: Mentors for Young Women of Promise

Want a special relationship with a precious young lady?

Have you ever thought about having a more personal relationship with one of the Young Women of Promise? If so, WOV may have an opportunity for you!

Several of the YWOPs have expressed an interest in having a "mentor" in their chosen field of study.  Since we have many accomplished women in Women of Vision, we thought this would be a great opportunity to offer the members of Women of Vision!

What would a mentor do?
Basically, you would be establishing a relationship with a student whose chosen field of study or career plans line up with your experience.  By sharing your life and career experiences, you may be able to provide guidance or answer burning questions in a student's life!  You might begin with a casual lunch or telephone call to get to know the student.  After that, your mentoring support could include such things as providing an "ear" to listen to concerns or providing encouragement or advice from "someone who's been there."  You might even provide advice as the student begins searching for a job in her senior year.  It's really up to you and the student to decide what kind of support would be most beneficial to the student!  Mentoring would not involve giving money directly to the student, although you might choose to support a special cause that the student is involved with, such as a mission trip, etc. This kind of support would be entirely optional and never solicited, only a result of your interest in knowing about your student's activities.

This semester, Young Women of Promise with the following career goals have asked for a mentor,so we are looking for women with experience or interest in these areas:
 *   Christian Counselor 
 *   Graphic Designer
 *   Media Psychologist or Social Psychologist 
 *   PK-3 Teacher 
 *   Working with Animals (Biology/Environmental Studies Major) 
 *   Attorney (Political Science Major) 
 *   Pediatrician (Biology/Pre-Med Major)

If you are thinking "What do I have to offer?" - the answer is plenty!  The girls are eager to connect with someone who has "been there" or who simply cares about investing in their college experience. If you would like to volunteer for one of these positions, or would like to learn more about the opportunity, please contact Kathy May, WOV Liaison to Young Women of Promise, at kathykmay@comcast.net

Young Women of Promise at Swing Dedication